Site Work

When you begin most projects, they usually commence with the ground. Underground utilities and earth work are critical components to the way a project can turn out. In this phase of construction, challenges often occur dealing with soil conditions, utility conflicts, and unforeseen conditions. Allega has the experience to understand and anticipate these challenges. We have the equipment, manpower, and fortitude to begin a project and keep it on task.


In regards to sitework, Allega can perform the following operations plus many more:

  • Clearing

  • Removal of Pavements

  • Excavation and Embankment

  • Subgrade Stabilization

  • Grading

  • Ditching and Erosion Control

  • Sheeting and Shoring

  • Design Engineer Fill

  • Earthwork Surcharging

  • Slope Stabilization and Revetment

  • Retaining Walls

  • Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls