Cement Contractor

Founded on Family Values

Our third generation, family owned and operated company began in 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio at the hands of Anthony and Flora Allega. While raising six children, Anthony and Flora built a family legacy based on value and hard work. Anthony organized the field labor as his wife managed the books from their kitchen table. Their and success made Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. synonymous with the concrete construction industry.

The company began work primarily as a commercial contractor, but as the war ended and home building soared, the company focused on residential work. It was from this period that they began their concrete site work. As the housing industry slowed in the late '60s, Anthony turned to municipal work as an alternative. When Flora took charge in the mid '70s, she continued with her husband's aspirations by focusing the company on bidding municipal and state contracts, which still today, make up nearly 95% of the company's workload.

Continual growth in the City of Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs coupled with the Allega family’s hard work soon led to the company’s expansion throughout the metropolitan area and later, across the State of Ohio. Anthony and Flora’s sons, John, Joe, and Jim, continued their parents’ legacy as well as their commitment to their corporate philosophy of customer satisfaction through real time solutions. Under their leadership, Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc. became one of Ohio’s leading concrete paving contractors.