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Safety Is Our Priority

The employee team members are the Allega Companies’ [1] most valuable assets. It is our policy to deliver quality services and products to our customers while striving to provide a safe and hazard free workplace. The management of the Allega Companies is also committed to maintaining our ecology in as close to its natural condition as possible as we deliver our services.

Keeping with these policies, the Allega Companies prepared a written safety manual and various safety programs. The Allega Companies identify the safety training needs of the employees and require that each receives such safety training. Every year prior to the spring construction season, all field employees are retrained on the Allega Companies safety expectations in a manner which exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements. The Allega Companies work in cooperation with our employees to implement the safety programs so that all employees involved in the production and delivery of our products and services are also very aware of our high safety standards. We further place on each employee, manager, and executive the responsibility to not only follow the procedures set forth in our safety manual, but to advise management if dangerous circumstances exist or a fellow employee is violating our safety standards.

We must continuously strive to minimize unsafe conditions in the workplace and reduce the number of accidents. We believe that by emphasizing the importance of our safety standards company wide we will be able to remain a leader in the construction industry and provide our employees a safe work environment. We recognize that it is impossible to prevent all accidents. Nevertheless, we believe there should never be an injury caused by an accident which could have been prevented if the proper safety standards were followed. It is our further priority to get any injured worker healthy and back to work as soon as possible in the unfortunate event of a work related injury.

The safety of our employees is paramount. We will require all of our employees to join in making our safety program a success.

John Allega

[1] The “Allega Companies” include Anthony Allega Cement Contractor, Inc., Allega Concrete Corporation, Mid-America Trucking, Inc., Union Sand & Supply Corporation, and Allega Recycled Materials & Supply Company, Inc.