Current Projects

RDU TW F.jpg

Taxiway F Rehabilitation at Raleigh -Durham Airport

Contract Amount: $26,582,318.41

Owner: Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Scheduled Completion: December 2019

Description: Allega was awarded this project in November of 2016 at a bid cost of $26,582,318.41 and includes a full depth removal and replacement of the concrete pavement on Taxiway F, fillet widening to meet FAA of the Standards of existing taxiways, addition of 30-foot wide asphalt paved taxiway shoulders, removal of Taxiway T4, airfield subsurface drainage improvements, airfield electrical improvements, and pavement markings. This project is expected to be completed in December 2019.

RDU 14_32 20181129_095705.jpg

Raleigh-Durham International Airport - Runway 14-32 Rehabilitation

Contract Amount: $2,338,474.67

Owner: Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Scheduled Completion: Spring of 2019

Description: Awarded in August 2018, this Project includes variable depth asphalt pavement milling, which is being replaced with NCDOT intermediate and surface course asphalt of the entire runways and taxiways. Re-striping of the runway, landscaping, and minor electrical improvements are also work items that are being completed on this project.

Beltway aerial.jpg

Southern Beltway SR 0576, Section 55A1

Contract Amount: $14,7000,000.00

Owner: Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Scheduled Completion: Spring of 2019

Description: Allega is subcontracted by Independence Excavating to complete all the concrete paving activities for this roadway reconstruction project.

ODOT 47017_1.jpg

ODOT 17-470 SR-17 on Granger Road

Contract Amount: $785,544.59

Owner: The Ohio Department of Transportation

Scheduled Completion: Spring of 2019

Description: This project includes slope repair on Granger Road located in Garfield Heights, Ohio. The scope of work includes slope stabilization, rock removal, rock catchment installation, drainage improvements and water line relocation.

Rocky Mount.jpg

Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport

Contract Amount: $14,302,065.82

Owner: Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport Authority

Scheduled Completion: Fall 2019

Description: This project includes 7,100 lf of reconstruction of Runway 4-22 consisting of:  milling existing asphalt pavements, Full Depth Pavement Reclamation with Cement Stabilization, new underdrains, cleanouts, pavement markings, pavement grooving, removal and replacement of existing Threshold Lighting, new perimeter access road, modification to the existing access road, and misc. storm drainage and structures. This Project will also provide the Airport with a new P-401 Asphalt Taxiway Connector that gives aircraft better ingress and egress to the Terminal from Taxiway A. Several taxiway intersections will  be widened and receive new underdrains along with new P-401 Asphalt Surface Course Pavements, lighting, and signing upgrades.